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Reality Test and Academy of Languages Announce Strategic Partnership

High-Tech Companies Gain Reliable End-to-End Localization and Globalization Solution Provider


TMX: The BEST Automation Tool Ever...

Your need to Update 100 automation scripts with the latest Development changes and you only have 5 minutes, What do you do ???


Answer = TMX


White Papers

Ę Failure is Not an Option: 24X7 on the Web

Ę Determining System Complexity

Ę Practical Testing Metrics

Ę Cost-Based Disaster Recovery System Sizing


White Paper Comments

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Application Complexity Testing Matrix benefits: Problem Scenario: Marc Baxter was... more


Training Classes

Mercury Interactive – WinRunner

Mercury Interactive – LoadRunner

Test Training Certification – ISEB



Failure is Not an Option: 24X7 on the Web

Practical Testing Metrics

Determining System Complexity

Test Automation Architecture

Test Planning for Managers


Failure is Not an Option  more

Practical Testing Metrics  more

Disaster Recovery System Sizing

Reality Test offers software testing, consulting, and training services that include high level testing expertise, rental of a well-equipped test lab for production-environment testing, and significant discounts on the test equipment you may need to purchase.

We provide the people, equipment, and processes to test your systems and applications in real-life conditions, quickly and cost effectively. We partner with you to ensure your software development project is of the highest quality possible.

Reality Test is your source for:

End-to-end testing that provides stress, load, and performance coverage

Worldwide testing facilities to re-create real-life conditions.

Experts to develop test plans and scripts execute tests, and analyze results.

Reality Test provides your company these benefits:

Decreasing downtime and customer support costs through problem prediction and resolution.

System configuration optimization

Accurate capacity prediction to minimize investment in new systems 

Complete Disaster Recovery planning and testing.


Our Customers

Reality Test has worked with FTI (Franklin Templeton Investments) to ensure that the System Testing phase of our largest global software project to date will be a success. They have... more


Reality Test worked with Mosaic Technology Corporation management to help address key business questions around our ability to expand our services on the Internet. By thinking as part of our company, they addressed... more


Business Planning

Unsure of your application's deployment plan? Check out The Business Case for Stress and Load Testing

or see 13 Situations where Stress and Load Testing will help your company

When the unthinkable happens, have you thought about it? We offer Disaster Recovery Plan Audits


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