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Dramatically improve and simplify automated testing


“Sorry, there is problem with our software, please try again later.” You would think that with so many businesses relying

on software and web sites these days that you wouldn’t hear this phrase as often. You would think that companies whose very existence depends on their software running correctly would test it thoroughly. It turns out that testing software is an increasingly difficult problem. Software is getting more and more complex and changing at a faster and faster pace. These two factors make it imperative to apply automated software testing technology to software implementations. The state of automation improves, but is not keeping pace with the increasing need to manage and maintain large test libraries.


No other tool


No other tool can create and maintain serious automated test libraries faster and for less cost than TMX Test Kit™.


TMX™ technology and practices dramatically improve verification of software against requirements in parallel with development.



TMX Test Kit™


The combination of TMX™ and powerful test automation tools like

WinRunner™ and Silk Test™ allows you to meet critical time-to-market with fewer bugs at a lower cost


Key Features & Benefits:


o Modifies and regenerates all of your test scripts globally.

o Reacts quickly and accurately to application requirement changes.

o TMX™ Database functionality drastically reduces effort required to maintain scripts.

o Changes impact analysis and pinpoints tests affected by changes in the application.

o Automatic global script updates.

o Multi-user Databases.

o Tests can be automated, and maintained by non-technical  persons untrained in technical automation tools, and with only a few hours of training in TMX™.


Product Overview


TMX™ sits on top of an existing test regression tools (Mercury’s WinRunner and Segue’s Silk Test are currently supported). TMX™ automates and simplifies most of the manual processes associated with creating, running, and executing tests of a web based and client server applications.


The software reads in the objects that make up the application (e.g., radio buttons, entry fields, etc.) and builds an “Object Tree” that contains all the elements that need to be tested. A business user (as opposed to a trained testing analyst) defines what scenarios they wish to test, then uses the TMX™ “Point & Click” interface to  create the sequence of steps needed to complete the test cases and scenarios. Then TMX™ automatically generates test scripts in WinRunner or Silk format.


Once this process is complete, a regression library is available that can easily be rerun. Also, any changes to objects used by the application can be added to the TMX™ Object Tree with minimal additional effort. When the changes to the application are identified in the Object Tree, TMX™ identifies the tests requiring maintenance and regeneration.


This means that tests can be repaired before the new application version is built. Without TMX™, the manpower costs and operational delays associated with avoidable problems cause a direct increase in the time-to-market for application changes. ScriptTech can supply Services to implement TMX™, train test analysts and engineers to script and run your test plan.





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