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Large businesses invest heavily in their IT systems and make them a focal point in their business. As a result, the reliability of the technology systems has become a critical issue that is crucial to their success. At the same time, the rapid evolution of technology, the expansion of existing systems to cover more and more business functions, and the increasing integration between Internet-based applications and the enterprise systems require businesses to introduce massive changes to their IT environment - without interrupting its functionality or compromising its reliability and performance. 


The cost of failure of IT systems has been estimated to reach up to $6 million per hour, according to the
Gartner Group, an IT research and consulting firm. 


Given the critical nature of the systems, testing them under “real life” equivalent conditions is emerging as the best
way to discover the limits, the performance, and ultimately the reliability of a system.


Reality Test offers companies a complete solution for testing their critical IT systems in a real-life environment.  We offer:

·          A well-equipped lab allowing clients to “clone” their system to produce reality equivalent tests

·          Experienced testing specialists to assist the client’s IT staff in defining the necessary tests

·          Experts in system testing and programming testing tools to execute and monitor the tests defined by the
client and interpret the results

Reality Test allows IT managers to have comfort in their system’s ability to perform but also lets them:

·          Predict and resolve problems before they occur

·          Optimize the configuration of the system to increase its capacity and performance

·          Budget for hardware and software needs

·          Understand the interaction between different parts of the system

·          Understand the impact of new software/hardware on the system before it is introduced to production

·          Evaluate hardware and software vendors from the prospective of how well they integrate with the existing system

Reality Test  systems that typically require such tests include:

·          Enterprise systems

·          E-commerce applications integrated with the enterprise systems

·          Intranet applications encompassing multiple databases and servers, to name only a few examples of complex environments


“Real-life” testing of complex IT systems requires simulating all components of the system: hardware, software, and users. Available solutions have concentrated on either testing the actual system, therefore limiting the load applied,
or separate pieces of the system, thus limiting the “realism” of the conditions


With the other testing solutions available, companies are required to either:


1.        Take the system offline just to test it, or

2.        Invest in their own testing lab, essentially duplicating their investment in hardware and software for the
actual system 


Both alternatives are clearly not cost effective and businesses have struggled finding a solution that fits their needs.  Reality Test is that solution.


Reality Test  takes a holistic approach to the client’s needs, guiding the customer through the entire process:

·          Defining the scope of the tests, the parameters to be tested, and the actual procedures to be used

·          Assisting in the selection of testing software and preparing for the tests

·          “Cloning” the client system in the lab and setting up the hardware and software

·          Running the test(s) and monitoring the system through the tests

·          Documenting and presenting the results

·          Helping the client interpret the results and identify follow-up issues

·          Scheduling additional testing, if necessary


Reality Test sees the following events as triggering demand for its services:

1.       Introduction of new software or hardware to the system

2.       Anticipated spikes in transactions processed by the system (following a marketing campaign, holiday   
   season, etc.)

3.       Integration of previously separate systems

4.       Integrating systems acquired through merger or acquisition

5.       Integration with external systems (such as a business-to-business exchange)

6.       Review of baseline-to-projected performance

7.       Management review of Information Systems

8.       Evaluation of systems feasibility and selection

9.       Plan to improve Information Systems support

10.     Implementation of a data center

11.     Evaluation of the cost of information systems or Web site operation

12.     Evaluation of the cost of upgrading hardware and/or applications

13.     Acquire insurance for your information technology systems

Reality Test is unique in offering a comprehensive and independent solution, integrating all the elements necessary for successful testing:

·          Expertise

·          Hardware

·          Software

·          Independence


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