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Laboratory Overview

Test your crucial IT systems under “real-life” data center conditions. “Real-life” testing requires simulating all components of the system: hardware, software, and users. Reality Test combines all of these necessary components to plan and execute a complex system test in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Whether you are running a B-to-B, B-to-C, or a web-facing Enterprise Mission Critical application, poor response times can hurt your company’s bottom line. Market research indicates that users will click away to a rival site if your web pages can’t respond within 8 seconds.

We simulate typical business scenarios, such as searching databases, performing data entry, report processing, and completing transactions. To test how your application will respond to large user loads, Reality test uses a variety of industry standard software testing tools to generate whatever user load you anticipate for your application. Resulting data is recorded and reported and analyzed for system bottlenecks and predicted response times.

·          Our management consultants will help you design and create a “clone” of your production system.

·          Reality Test will quickly and flexibly create common development environments in Reality Test facilities to meet requirements.

·          Reality Test can create a wide variety of specialized configurations with access to additional lab facilities and equipment through our partners, meeting nearly any requirement you may have for a fraction of building it yourself.

·          Experts in creating system testing and use of top testing tools to execute, monitor, and analyze the tests to provide management complete, accurate and appropriate information to make correct decisions.


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