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Disaster Recovery System Audits and Testing


Evaluation of Your Current System’s Cost of Downtime


Determine the cost of your e-Commerce or internal web site going offline for any length of time. This evaluation would involve not only the direct costs of doing business (loss of productivity, loss of revenue, additional cost to meet schedule or commitment, and cost of repair), but also indirect costs based on damaged reputation in the marketplace, or financial performance issues (cost of credit).


Some of these numbers can be extremely difficult to obtain, and, if the direct costs are sufficient to justify the disaster recovery modifications to your data center, then we will limit our research to your direct costs.


Evaluation of Your Current Systems and Procedures


Determine the reliability and redundancy that is currently built into your existing data center and business applications. Some of the areas we look at are:

·          Hardware redundancy (storage systems, clustered systems, redundant network protocols, load balancing systems, etc.)

·          Short-term disaster recovery that may already be in place (UPS power systems, redundant networks, outage notification to your IT department, etc.)

·          Data and system backup procedures for completeness and both their physical and logical security

·          Long-term disaster recovery that may already be in place (off-site facility, backup and restore procedures, connectivity to the primary systems, fail over mechanisms, etc.)

Testing Your Current Disaster Recovery Systems and Procedures


Evaluate your procedures and systems in a simulated disaster to insure that your procedures are complete and the automated fail over mechanisms are fully functional and configured properly.


Disaster Recovery Planning


Reality Test will help your IT organization develop a disaster recovery plan, and the associated procedures, that will help assure you of the ability to limit your exposure to disasters and the resulting business losses. Companies should periodically assess the importance and criticality of their systems and data, and develop a contingency plan appropriate to their application.




There are numerous disaster scenarios that can disrupt your business. Reality Test can support your internal efforts to mitigate the risk, or can take more of an out-sourced management role to free up your internal resources.


Not all the parts of your data center necessarily need to be protected to the same reliability level. Prioritizing the business-critical applications could result in significant saving to your company’s disaster recovery efforts.


The greatest risk is to simply assume that your systems are safe or that “it can’t happen to me.” Insurance, while it always appears expensive when you don’t need it, becomes invaluable when you do.




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