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Reality Test strives to be your most trusted, expert resource for comprehensive test services, including system and application testing, consulting, and training. We have been honored to be part of the success of the following companies:







AGFA Belgium




Minneapolis, MN

AppWorx Corporation

Bellevue, WA


Inicia Comunicaciones, S.A.


Avue Technologies

Tacoma, WA


Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA

BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, India


Mosaic Technology

Bellevue, WA


Bellevue, WA


National Australia Bank Limited


Cognotec Ltd

Dublin, Ireland


Satyam Infoway Limited



Wakefield, MA


SDS, Inc.

San Jose, CA

Crystal Decisions

Palo Alto, CA


The Devereux Group

Marblehead, MA






Franklin Templeton Investments

San Mateo, CA



Bellevue, WA


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Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI)


John Chainey, Senior Director

Reality Test has worked with FTI to ensure that the System Testing phase of our largest global software project to date will be a success. They have conducted a QA/testing review with our on-shore and off-shore development groups and have provided oversight of our internal System Testing coordination group, including a high-level risk assessment, enhanced process and system testing flow analysis, system testing environment enhancements, performance, load, and stress testing analysis, as well as test management training and reporting. Because of Reality Test's invaluable experience and expertise, we are highly confident that our System Test will deliver quality results " John Chainey, Senior Director ~ Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI)


Mosaic Technology Corporation


Marlin Baker, Director of New Business

Reality Test worked with Mosaic Technology Corporation management to help address key business questions around our ability to expand our services on the Internet. By thinking as part of our company, they addressed key areas that affect our global web presence and our ability to expand. With the information Reality Test has provided (i.e. how marketing campaigns impact our global Web site), we can make more informed critical business decisions to ensure a greater return on our investment. Marlin Baker, Director of New Business ~ Mosaic Technology Corporation



White Paper Comments


Failure is Not an Option: 24x7 on the Web


David J. Szymanski, Ph.D.

Manager ~ Service Measurement,

First National Bank of Omaha


As seen in: STQe-letter:



I share several points, articles, etc. with my staff, colleagues, and students. This week's article on Failure is Not an Option was excellent. Excellent and timely. Competes with or exceeds data provided by the think tanks of the IT industry. David J. Szymanski, Ph.D. Manager

Application Complexity Testing Matrix


Marc Baxter

IT Consultant

Problem Scenario: Marc Baxter was employed as an IT Consultant to a major retail IT department to help build out their e-commerce capabilities.  Part of his responsibility included helping establish the development and testing process. The IT department was structured with one tester for 18 developers. The retailer understood that they had a major hole in their testing organization and were unable to determine the best way to estimate how many testers were required for the next phases of work.

Solution: To accurately determine the scope of the problem there must be a way to estimate the problem. To determine how many testers are required to test a given application one must understand how complex that application is. There are several factors that determine the complexity of a given application. These include user interfaces, backend integration and use of middle tier objects.

Through previous contacts I was able to find a matrix that estimates the complexity of an application based on a variety of factors. Those factors have a weight applied to them to indicate how difficult a specific component may be to test. The Matrix builds a point total based on how many components exist within an application.  That total is then divided by a predetermined amount. This amount can be changed. That is a determination that the project or test manager is responsible for. The result is the number of testers required for an application or an entire project. 

How did this help the retailer? By estimating the complexity of the work that the retailer had begun, the retailer had a clear understanding of how many testers were required. The retailer also understood the significant components of their application based on the weight that they had applied. The retailer added staff to their testing department to meet the effort required.



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