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Reality Test and Academy of Languages Announce Strategic Partnership

High-Tech Companies Gain Reliable End-to-End Localization and Globalization Solution Provider


Seattle, WA—October 9, 2002—Two Seattle-based companies, Reality Test and Academy of Languages, today announced a strategic partnership that pairs software testing and linguistics experts
to provide end-to-end localization and globalization solutions for software development companies and web developers.

Academy of Languages Translation & Interpretation Services (AOLTI) is a premier localization, translation and interpretation provider with a worldwide network of professional linguists including an in–house staff of experts. Reality Test is an expert resource for comprehensive test services, including system and application testing, consulting, and training. The partnership offers:

  • Localization, globalization consulting, translation, interpretation
  • End-to-end testing that provides stress, load, and performance coverage
  • Worldwide testing facilities to re-create real-life conditions
  • Experts to develop test plans and scripts to execute tests analyze results

“By partnering, we create a major resource for companies looking for customized localization and globalization solutions,” said Olivier Fabris, general manager for Academy of Languages Translation and Interpretation Services. “Our experienced localization engineers and linguists paired with Reality Test’s software testing engineers work together to provide state-of-the-art localization testing packages.’’

The AOLTI team comprises professional and experienced translators, localizers, editors, software localization engineers and project managers. Reality Test offers software testing, consulting, and training services that include high level testing expertise, rental of a well-equipped test lab for production-environment testing, and significant discounts on the test equipment companies may need to purchase for their project.

“The partnership allows us to cater to growing technology companies entering global markets,” said Mark Harding, president of Reality Test. “These companies will benefit greatly from our combined knowledge and experience by receiving customized, state-of-the-art localization and globalization services that are reliable and cost-effective.”

About Reality Test

Founded in 2001, Reality Test is an independent outsource test service company located in the greater Seattle area. With more than 40 years of experience in testing and quality assurance, we offer comprehensive testing—including load, stress, and performance—that allows companies to replicate and test their applications and systems under “real-life” conditions. With partnerships worldwide, Reality Test offers comprehensive and flexible testing solutions.

About Academy of Languages Translation & Interpretation Services

A division of the Washington Academy of Languages (WAL), a non-profit organization founded in 1979, the Academy of Languages Translation and Interpretation Services (AOLTI) became an independent entity in 2002. Our mission is to empower our clients to connect with foreign language speakers at home and abroad. We strive to meet the growing linguistic and cultural demands of global businesses and organizations with professional and turnkey language services.


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